Marvelous Monochromatic Rooms

A monochromatic color scheme is one in which the same hue is used in various shades and tints.  In other words, adding either more white or black to the same color.  If you love one color and you want your room or your house to be that color and only that color, then I say do it!  Can it be tricky to keep it from looking blah (all cream) or a bit too intense (all red) or like you live in a scary goth medieval castle (all black)?  Yes, it can; but there’s a couple tricks to meet success:  pattern and texture.

Adding various textures to the space will keep it from all blending into the same thing as well as keep the boredom at bay.  Add a furry rug and some satin pillows with velvet curtains.  Be creative with textured wallpaper or hang tapestry on the wall.  Adding in a collage of decorative elements such as ceramic, glass, metal and wood all bring their own unique texture and they can be mixed in a monochromatic scheme since the color will tie them all together.

Pattern is another very useful tool for making a one-color-room turn into an interesting and exciting space.  I love using the same color in various patterns because you can get away with the extreme and still stay within good design guidelines.  With a glue gun, wrap a patterned fabric around a lampshade, or layer a number of different patterned blankets all on the same bed or couch.  Have fun!